Digital Training & Sales

Let's GROW your digital revenue!

Let's get right to the point. At Digital Training & Sales, we're focused on giving your team the tools they need to close digital sales. During our live webinar trainings and 2-day "focused sales event" we'll do just that. With 14 years of digital and social media expertise, IAB digital media certification, and a track record of just over 7 million in online revenue since 2005, we bring the data, the sales expertise, rate recommendations and in-field training materials to make you and your sales team the digital experts in your community!

Why Trish?

We believe in keeping it SIMPLE! It's what sets us apart - and will set YOU apart - from the competition. Our straightforward training materials and sales approach - complete with a "common digital terms" list and current industry stats and data - will show your sales team how to "narrow and focus" their approach when meeting with clients about their business marketing needs. Trish holds certifications from the globally recognized IAB digital media sales program and is a certified Google Professional. She'll share smart sales tips and give your reps the confidence to thrive in our multi-media economy!