Digital Training & Sales

Let's GROW your digital revenue!


Training and sales in one 5-day event. Easy rev-share program!

Need to monetize your digital media fast? We can help! Trish Kinney is IAB Certified and has worked directly with media sales teams JUST LIKE YOURS - providing digital training and sales during our 5-day "focused sales events". As a corporate digital sales trainer for Lee Enterprises, Inc. and for 14 years, Trish has signed over seven million dollars in digital revenue. 

Our one week, "focused sales event" is a rev-share program where we focus on the THREE KEYS TO SUCCESS you see below. We provide all sales materials and a powerpoint presentation, plus current industry stats from leading digital media sources, and review the most common terms and talking points in today's digital dialogue. Then we put it to immediate practice! Your team sets the appointments. We lead the calls and ask for the sale!

ONE: Review sales basics

From identifying buying signals and overcoming objections, to assessing and restating the client's needs, and asking for the sale - we'll review the key sales steps and provide a smart, simple way your team will incorporate them on every call! Reviewing the sales basics will increase your reps' confidence and improve their closing rate with any product they sell.

TWO: Learn the latest data

 From the most effective digital products and services, to the latest digital terminology, we'll share current industry data and statistics from leading media sources. Your reps will feel confident knowing they are the digital media experts for their customers and your community!

THREE: Close revenue - fast

With more than seven million in online revenue signed to date, we understand the needs of today's business owner, and we'll help your team close sales during our 5-day event. You know your local market, and we know digital sales!